Twisted Fields of Terror

Thanks for a great season!

With TWO horrifying attractions and a food concession area, Twisted Fields Of Terror is Southern Maryland's ONLY haunted attraction. For the first year Twisted Fields Of Terror will be taking you to a new level of fear by providing bone-chilling, heart-pounding experiences night after night all October long! There will be horrifying scenes, gruesome sights, disgusting details and startling scares; leaving you begging for your mother!

Take a walk down the backwoods haunted trail through the terrifying Grinner Family farm. Experience the story of how local people have come up missing, only to discover the Grinner families sick and twisted acts of terror. Starting with Grandma and Grandpa Grinner who sheltered their children Bubba and Jed Grinner because of their mutant deformities. The Grinner brothers took their frustrations out on local kids who made fun of them by kidnapping and torturing them. With Uncle Grinner helping the boys with their twisted plans of butchering people and Aunt Grinner cooking up the body parts to hide the evidence, no one has been able to prove any wrong doing. And the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree as the Cousin Grinner "Insidious Cedrick" attempts to take his victims and turn them into his own personal clown puppets. Even his own family can't trust Cedrick and his demented ways! Unable to control Cedrick, the family keeps him locked up out of fear of shedding light on the families disturbing lifestyle.

Also, take a ride on Southern Maryland's ONLY paintball hayride! Take a trip through ZOMBIE INFESTED cornfields and prepare to be attacked by LIVE ZOMBIES! Have your paintball guns loaded and ready to shoot at any attacking zombies that will surely eat you alive if they make it onto your trailer! Get two chances to kill zombies as you go through the cornfields in one direction with an opportunity to reload and then make your way back through to the base camp. Only the strong will survive the ZOMBIE INFESTED CORNFIELDS OF TERROR!